It happens that in life many people do not know the reason for their existence.

If you are not aware of your innate ability, it is because you always try to be like others. You want to be like others, and you fail to know that you were created to fulfill a purpose that is unique to you alone.

Again, you fail to work on yourself because you are too lazy to work and discover that thing that makes you different from the person you copy.

Before we proceed on how you can unravel your potential and shine your talent, let us look at some key things within our subject.

What is Talent?
According to the dictionary, Talent is an exceptional natural ability, especially in a particular activity.
Talent is often thought of as the kind of ability that comes without training—something that you’re born with. It is often contrasted with skill, which is an ability acquired and developed through practice.

Examples of Talent
You might overlook something and think it is just normal, but in a way, that thing is what makes you different from another person, hence your unique ability. Some examples are listed below:
•Singing •Dancing
•Cooking •Writing
•Acting •Advertising
•Knitting •Drawing and many more.

Someone might say, “My talent is not among those listed, that’s why I said I don’t have a talent.” To you, I say, “Look within you and you will discover it. Alternatively, observe a skill that interests you, and perfect it.”

Certain things hinder you from unleashing your talent.

1. Laziness: You don’t want to work. You are too tired to discover yourself.
There is an adage that says, ”No work, no gain.” This means that you can’t be sitting down and doing nothing, yet you expect to be like a friend who is doing everything possible to be successful by using his talent.

2. Procrastination: You see, the thought that there is still time, tomorrow is there, isn’t going to take you anywhere. According to a scholar,
The graveyard has the highest potentials and dreams. Do you know why? It is because people who failed to fulfill their dreams are there, people who failed to unravel their talents are there, people who were still believing that there is still tomorrow are there.
It is such a pity!
You can only use your talent when you are alive.

3. Making Excuses: Excuses have never helped anybody amount to anything in life. “It is because I don’t have money,” “It is because I am disabled. See, there are a lot of people with disabilities yet they are doing perfectly well.
“It’s because I’m an orphan,”
“It’s because I don’t have children,” “It’s because I’m not married yet.” Stop it!  Begin to bring that ‘you’ to life and starting acting. When I say acting, I don’t mean you should go to the cinema, I mean you should work on yourself. Remember that time isn’t waiting for you.

Ways to Harness Your Talent.

1. Determination: Make a decision that will uplift you. Set your goal, follow it, and make sure you see it to the end. Put an end to the procrastinating mind. Determine what you want, and work towards it. Compete with yourself to bring out the best part of yourself so that you will be successful.

2. Discover Yourself: To discover is to recover. If you don’t know your problem, you can’t have a solution. There is something in you that makes you distinct from the rest. Discover that thing that interests you, and shine your lights.

3. Believe in Yourself: Develop a positive mindset towards yourself. Always believe and encourage yourself. Always believe that you can achieve whatever you lay your hands, and be the best of you.

4. Overcome all Obstacles: Things will come your way, but you just have to believe that it is not going to be forever; it will come and go, but you are going to overcome it.

A lot of people have talents but they are not using them, neither are they doing anything to harness them.
This article is dedicated to people who want to unravel their talents and bring out their best.


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