Ramadan:Things to do during your fast.


Ramadan is here,

The holiest month has come, The time of the year where Muslim brothers and sisters all around the world commit less than a month to worship, fast, and pray to the Almighty Allah.

Ramadan for 2021 begins on the 13th of April 2021.

What is Ramadan?
It’s a practice for all Muslim throughout the world, it’s a time of being holy,

it is a season where, Muslims fast and do a lot of good deeds, it’s a time of being cautious about what you say or do,

it is usually the 9th month in the Muslim calendar. The moon is usually sighted annually before we begin the fast,

However, you are expected to wake so early to eat your sahur (Food) in the morning and the evening when breaking your fast by sunset (7 pm) to eat your iftar

After taking your sahur you are not expected to eat anything until it’s time for iftar in the evening and it’s done throughout this holy month,
Certain individuals are not allowed to fast;

  • The sick:

it is advised that before you partake in the fast, you must be healthy, you must be sure, you are eligible to fast, if sicks, avoid fasting as it could affect your health.

  •  Children:

kids below the recommended age are not allowed to fast until they are eligible to fast

  • Traveler:

This is directed to those spending a certain number of days on a journey.

  • Pregnant/nursing mothers:

she is not only feeding herself but also feeding the baby,

  • Menstruation:

This is when a woman is on her monthly circle, she is not allowed to join in the fast until she is through with her cycle.

The month of Ramadan is a time that shouldn’t be taken for granted, apart from the fact that fasting is part of Ramadan, Fasting is also good for our health,

Fasting is the act of abstaining from food and water for some time, it is one of the pillars of Islam, but it can also be bad for our health when you do not break your fast. well
This article talks more about things to do during your fast and they include;

  • Avoid Taking Drinks high in sugar :

The most individual prefers to take drinks or foods high in sugar, just because we want to eat, this is detrimental to our health, as it could slow down digestion and stress the body to spend extra energy to absorb the nutrient in the meals

  •  Eat more fruit

fruit could be said as the most important thing you should always do, when you break your fast, it helps to ensure a healthy body, adding more nutrient to replenish lost mineral and vitamin during your fast
Fruit like date helps to lower your blood glucose level

  • Plan:

A plan for the month this could what you want to do throughout the month This helps to reduce stress and helps you balance your schedule
It could include, prayer time, lectures
Quran reading, it’s time to make this holy book our best friend, try to spare time for this each day, 20minute will do


  • Avoid bad deeds:

Don’t say be because you are a Muslim when you see the other religion that needs assistance, please render, avoid altering words that will put someone else in depression or thoughts learn to appreciate what Allah has done to you in the previous year

  • Almsgiving(zakat)

importance notice zakat shouldn’t go with your mood, but with your heart, when you see an individual going through a lot and you feel if you give this person you are not going to get affected please do

  • Pray:

prayer is the key, Things might be hard or   go wrong, please do not avoid prayer as something  good could be coming, always remember that this Ramadan is always seen once a year utilize this month well

  • Envy:

This is one of the fastest routes to destruction because it closes your eyes to what the Almighty has done for you. Learn to appreciate what God has done for you, Rejoice with others,  because when you do, yours will also come in a big way.

  •  Faith:

Believe that all your prayer has been answered, and no matter what you want or ask Allah for it will be given to you.

  •  Hydration:

Take more fluid, always make yourself hydrated, water helps to lower the risk of chronic organ damage, and maintaining body temperature. when fasting the body is dehydrated, after you break your fast take enough water to cushion the organ.


Can I Pray Or Fast When I Am On My Period(Menstruating)?
No, you can’t last for as long as you are menstruating, but immediately after completion of the menstrual cycle you can resume your fast

  • How many days is Ramadan?
    Sometimes 29 or 30 days
  • I am sick can I fast

No, you cant, Every individual Before we get to the month of Ramadan, we are expected to go for checkups or preferably see our doctor to determine our health status.

  • I can’t read Quran what do I?

Even if it’s a little word you can please do better still you can listen to it rather than involving in unnecessarily act that could reduce your reward in this holy month


This is dedicated to all Muslim throughout the world, fasting or not in the month of Ramadan, Allah hear your cry, and he is ready to listen to you, all you have to do just ask for want you want,

Ramadan is a 29 or 30days program that begins immediately after the month has been sighted annually,

it’s an opportunity to change your bad habit even and after this holy month. According to the psychologist a person has 21days to change a habit, it’s time to be consistent and plan, you have 29 to 30 days here.

This article emphasized the things you should do during Ramadan as fasting is also one of the 5 obligatory pillars of Islam.

As-salam alekun to all Muslim brothers and sisters.


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