HYPERTENSION: How to prevent high blood pressure

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  • Hypertension is common among the middle age 45-55 and the aged 80-85 upward.
  • Individual who lacks social interaction suffer more from hypertension, especially women.
  • Hypertension is proven to be one of the contributory risks of many heart diseases.
  • 75 percent of black men and women develop blood pressure by Age 55 compared to 55% of white men and women at Age 40 science news.
  • 1.13 billion people worldwide have hypertension world health organization.
  • Two-thirds ⅔ of those with hypertension are living in low and middle-income countries World health organization.
  • Hypertension is known medically as High blood pressure (Hbp), blood pressure(Bp), arterial pressure(pressure in the arteries).
  • Hypertension is known as the silent killer because a person may be asymptomatic (do not show any symptoms) until it gets worse.
  • Some women experience hypertensive complications during pregnancy the preeclampsia and gestational hypertension.
  • hypertension has been a threat and a public health concern, common mostly in Africa countries, central and eastern Europe have the highest rates for men.
  • The instrument used in measuring blood pressure is a sphygmomanometer.
  • In the human body, three main vessels help in the distribution of blood to the body tissue. (arteries, veins, and capillaries).
  • In terms of hypertension, the vessels that are highly affected are the arteries, which leads to why is called arterial pressure.


  • Two main types of hypertension: primary and secondary.
Hypertension, high blood pressure, the silent killer. Cimplehealth.com


  • Hypertension is the increased or high rate of force put forth on the circulatory blood against the walls of the arterial blood vessel.

The normal blood pressure is 120 /80, A person is said to be hypertensive when the systolic pressure is above(>140) and the diastolic pressure Is above(>90)

Doctor checking patient’s blood pressure at home

The pressure is usually measured in millimeter mercury(mmHg). Blood pressure usually comprises systole and diastole.

The systole is usually the upper and it is the longer size of the blood pressure, it is usually when the heart muscle contract
The diastole is the lower part, it is smaller in size, in this, the heart muscle relaxes, this takes place after the systolic pressure.


The instrument used in measuring blood pressure is the sphygmomanometer. The sphygmomanometer measures the systolic(upper) and diastolic(lower) pressure of the blood.

The sphygmomanometer has cuffs that are ramped around the shoulder of the upper arm.

The instrument used in measuring blood pressure-Cimplehealth.com
Human check blood pressure monitor and heart rate monitor with digital pressure gauge.

The table below shows the blood pressure levels

A table showing blood pressure levels


Our health is our life, conditions that put an individual at risk of hypertension are factors that are overlooked and can easily be changed

  • Excessive body weight due to physical inactivity

  • Smoking

  • Excessive iodine/salt consumption

  • Excessive alcohol intake

Causes Of Hypertension
Several situations influence hypertension, Although hypertension is not transmitted to one another(it is a non-communicable disease).there are some modifiable(changeable) and unmodifiable(unchangeable) causes.

  • Modifiable

    These are causes that can be changed over time, and it brings about a healthy lifestyle

  • Physical Inactivity this is when you lack physical activity, you don’t exercise, lack of exercise leads to several illnesses like atherosclerosis, etc
  • Insufficient consumption of calcium lack of mineral-like calcium

  • Excess Tobacco consumption should be avoided immediately

  • Excess alcohol intake

  • consumption and Food high in fat

  • Deficiency in vitamin D

  • Stress

  • Smoking diabetes

  • High salt intake


This is also known as the inherited cause(inborn)the unmodified situation( a situation that can’t be changed) examples of such are; heredity, age, sex, etc



The types of blood pressure could be determined by either a genetic or inherited (unmodifiable) such as age, gender, etc and also by lifestyle(modifiable)such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, excessive intake of sodium(salt), lack of physical activity certain drugs, etc.

This type of blood pressure is also known as the essential High blood pressure, It is usually the major cause of hypertension, it  arises without a defined cause, A doctor might
observe this when an individual systolic and diastole rises above normal after the frequent visit.
Such factors could be a result of both genetic (as age sometimes could be the cause) and lifestyle. However, the major cause is still unknown.


This is non-essential high blood pressure, there is usually an underlying medical condition, there is usually a defined cause, it could be as a result of contraceptive (birth control )pills, a disorder in the arterial, disorder in one of the organs, once it is known, it can be treated immediately

Hypertension is one of the medical conditions with several names, it is called the silent killer.

The main reason behind the name is that a person can be hypertensive without being aware and having no signs and symptoms that is the main reason you need to always measure your blood pressure.

They are some Possible signs and symptoms you notice when the high blood is at a severe stage.
Headache, dyspnea, visual changes, high blood pressure, chest pain, Vision problem Insomnia or sleepness, severe fatigue, nausea, anxiety, chest pain, muscle pain, etc

If blood pressure is not properly managed it will to several other health conditions.

  • Chest pain (angina)

  • Heart failure

  • Coronary artery disease

  • Vision loss

  • Stroke

  • Kidney failure

  • Dementia

  • Brain

  • Peripheral arterial disease



The first stage to prevent hypertension is to work on your lifestyle.

  • Encouraging a good healthy lifestyle

  • Avoid excessive salt intake

  • Engage in physical diet

  • Healthy diet

  • Diet rich in fruit and vegetables

  • Limited consumption of red meat

  • Fat-free dairy

  • Social participation: 90% of those living alone especially the Aged, Divorced, and women who lost their partner or children suffer more from hypertension.  For this reason, they are not meant to be left alone, with social activities like partying, watching a movie, playing games, etc. May be encouraged amongst them

The heart of a human-like the clenched fist, the average heart of an adult is 250-350g and 230-280 in females,

The measuring of blood pressure helps to determine if the heart is healthy or unhealthy,

A person can be hypertensive and would not be aware, persistently elevated blood pressure may shorten one’s life,

Occasional visits to the health clinic to check your blood pressure levels should be practiced.

Treatment of Blood pressure reduces the risk of death by prolonging life,

Blood pressure can also be low (<90-80) for systole and below(<60-50), this situation is hypotensive.

Hypotensive can lead to several complications if not managed.



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