HOLIDAY: How to stay Covid-19 safe during this holiday

  • Hey! it’s 25th of December 2020 today, It’s Christmas day, this is a wonderful time of the year where everyone is happy and rejoicing, it’s the visiting time of the year where you go visit family and friends,
Happy Christmas, senior people cheering with red wine at dinner while wearing a surgical face mask for coronavirus

This year has been very strong, All countries in the world have been through a lot and are still fighting on the covid-19 pandemic (occurring wide known) disease, Several countries have laid down strategies to reduce the spread of covid19 by going further to introducing another lockdown to fight off the second wave of the covid-19, In Nigeria, churches, and mosques have been suspended during this period the idea of cross-over services (vigils) every night before Christmas and new year have been canceled,

Happy couple Christmas shopping during the pandemic wearing a facemask and looking at a shop window while carrying bags

Everyone is at risk of contracting the disease, most importantly those at the extreme ages  the younger ones and the elderly ones above the age of 60,

According to the CDC, individuals at high risk of infection include persons in areas with ongoing local transmission, healthcare workers caring for patients with COVID-19, close contacts of infected persons, and travelers returning from locations where local spread has been reported, Covid-19 has been declared public health challenge, It’s the holiday season, kids are at home, certain strategies are needed to prevent and reduce the risks of the ongoing pandemic covid-19 disease,  To maintain a stay safe Christmas and holiday  you need to maintain:

1. Masks.:
For you to  enjoy your Christmas and holiday, your masks need to be worn to prevent droplet of an infected to enter your mouth and nose(cough, sneezing)
Also, you have to practice the act of washing your masks always, one thing is to wear a mask and another is to avoid wearing a dirty mask.

2 Avoid contact
When someone coughs, sneeze, and talks maintain distance
Avoid close contact with  the sick if you must take care of the sick always wash your hands often

3. Hand hygiene
Always wash your hands when dirty and
observe your kids, children love to play especially when they are left alone you see them touching dirty surfaces and they end putting it in their mouth, covid-19 can also be transmitted with a fomite(surface).

Your outing kits are not complete without sanitizers, always go with a sanitizer, with alcohol-based based sanitizer.

5. Eat healthily
Christmas, It’s the time of the where a lot of recipes will be available for you to eat but you just have to watch your food, know yourself and what your tummy wants, Don’t be a glutton, boost immunity with a nourishing diet.

6. Avoid men:
Touching of MEN (mouth, eyes, and nose ) with dirty hands should be avoided

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands.

7. Stay indoor
Due to covid-19, you are having a boring Christmas, Enjoy your holiday indoor, stay indoor if sick, Throughout the world, this year has been a challenging one, pray for a better life in 2021

Covid-19 is still an ongoing pandemic disease, take precautions to prevent covid from increasing the spread, stay safe happy Christmas a lovely new year in advance.



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