How to Improve your communication in relationships

How to improve communication with a spouse in relationships


Do you know that communication is the lifeblood in every relationship? Communication helps to strengthen trust, respect, integrity, value, and love in a relationship.

According to a search, 99.9% percentage of a lasting and healthy relationship communicate effectively, communication helps to diminish ignorance( enable you to know your spouse better).

lack of communication in a relationship triggers breakups, boredom, tiredness, frustration, decreases productivity, and makes you unhappy?

Apart from the fact that communication in a relationship builds trust, it gives room for compassion, and positive feeling towards one another, it improves the way you see things,

I know you find it hard in communicating with your spouse and you don’t know what to do, don’t feel bad, you are not alone, Reading this blog post will improve you and change your communication issues with your partner.

let’s get started! Grab your popcorn! Let’s begins.

What is communication?
It is the act of transmitting knowledge, ideas, information, and thought from one person to another.

Every day we communicate with a lot of people, including family, our colleagues, or even strangers,

but knowing how to communicate and connect effectively with people develops a good relationship with them.

humans communicate not only by facial but through written, spoken words, in fact through gestures.

In communication, we have the encode (the one who sends the message) and decoder(the one who receives the message).

A relationship cannot be perfect without communication, These are the ways to communicate better in  your relationship Click to read more👇…n-relationships/

1. Know your reasons;

  • Try to find out why you are not having the vibe to talk effectively to your partner, this might sound confusing, but knowing the reason you can’t communicate is important as it enables you to provide the solution to your problem.
  • After you have known your reason: find a solution if it’s a misunderstanding, clear It, sought things out.
  • Is it that your spouse isn’t ready to listen, you are scared to talk to him/her, you can’t face him/her. Try to Know so you can work on a solution.

2. listening Ears:

  • You have the problem of listening you can’t just bear the fact that someone is talking to you, you are always thinking of what you are to say next, you don’t give chances for learning,
  • Try to listen to understand before communicating, after you must have understood, Express what you understand he/she says rather than convincing, persuading while doing this pay attention to your voice, body language, follow up with maturity.

3. Give room for expression:

Shot of a smiling young couple talking together while relaxing on a beanbag sofa at home in
  • In communication, Two things are involved we have the encoder( sender]and the decoder receiver], when the sender is talking, try to listen, Don’t always be the one taking front, let your spouse express his/herself.
  • Sometimes, you might feel tired, bored, frustrated, and angry that you wouldn’t want to hear what your spouse is saying just be patient.
    Remember you are in the relationship because you are ready you should be ready for commitment, Even if they want to criticize you or it makes you bad just try to listen, explain what you understand to your spouse, and sought it out.

4. patience:

Shot of a wife consoling her husband during a counseling session with a  therapist
  • learn the ability to endure and control your anger, give your lover the chance to love you, remember we are all humans, we all have our flaws, we aren’t perfect, learn to view things from your partner, don’t just believe you can be right always, don’t be selfish, be considerate when making a decision,
  • Note that you can’t meet someone now and you except to know everything about them,
  • And you can’t meet someone today and you want to change everything about the person, but
    With time, when the communication and love  starts to flow effectively you can talk about what you both want,
    When you hear something about your spouse you should ask him/her first before concluding.
  • Always try to calm down to understand the situation first,
  • Always try to see if your reaction won’t make things worst, try to understand your spouse’s feelings, Try to talk out how you feel to your partner rather than how they make you feel.

5. Keep to your words:

  • In every relationship honesty and integrity matters a lot, it keeps communication in a relationship going well,
  • It’s built excellent relationships, the moment you stop keeping promises or keeping to words it leads to a lack of trust in you,
  • it gives room for doubts, it chases bonds, positivity, respect, and value many of you have experienced spouses not believing in you, Then, you start to think you are underrated. It’s always good to say you don’t know than making unnecessary or unfulfilled promises.

6. Avoid Over communicating with text:

  • This seems to be the most adapted situation by lovers, but seems to be killing most relationship, especially social media,
  • Sometimes, I wonder if we know the benefit of social media, Hey it for fun and for catching live it pains when I see partner fighting on social media,
    You see when you have a serious or important issue you want to say, or you want to clear things, avoid using text, try phone calls, face time, zoom, video calls, using text may not give room for expression,
  • it makes you feel you can’t connect with your partner properly when you expect him/her to text more and he/she doesn’t, unnecessary thought set in.
  • At times you might just go blank not knowing what to text, you might feel under pressure. If you are used to it, avoid texting serious issue, it guarantees a quality healthy relationship.

Communication in a relationship is key, when there is communication, the partner grows well, productivity set in, it makes you know who you are dealing with it, if you do not communicate in a relationship your relationship is not healthy, you don’t know your spouses yet.
Thanks for reading, I’m sure you through with your popcorn!


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