Friday, January 21, 2022

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Ovulation: How to calculate your day

QUICK READS According to a search as soon as a girl child is born, her ovaries already contains all of the egg she will...

What Is World Malaria Day(WMD)

Theme: Reaching zero malaria Target Quick Reads It feels annoying when you hear that humming sound of the infected female anopheles mosquitoes Most especially when sleeping...

Ramadan:Things to do during your fast.

Ramadan is here, The holiest month has come, The time of the year where Muslim brothers and sisters all around the world commit less than...

WORLD HEALTH DAY: Reason why you should Celebrate Health Day

Hey, it's world health day Today! April 7th is a day that is been declared and celebrated globally every year as world health day. According to...

What Is Rhesus Factor? :Causes,Symptom,Prevention,Treatment.

                Written by Balogun Zainab Olabisi                   Medically Reviewed by...